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Your children are the parts of your heart that walk around the world, and they’re changing every single day. I’m a mom; I understand how precious these moments are. I remember how my son’s newborn baby skin felt like rose petals, the look of my daughter’s tiny grin when those first new teeth came through, the way they carried their little backpacks as they walked in the door and away from me in those early days of kindergarten. Like you, I’ve cherished the moments of their growing up: the way their dimpled hands held onto mine, how he smiled at his big sister when she wasn’t even watching, the joy on her face as she played her ukulele, the startling way their faces seemed to change by the minute as they grew into teenagers ready to take on the world. I look at my images of them through all these years that have flown by, and they take me right back. I can see her dancing, watch him tumbling through his childhood, hear them laughing. My photographs of my children are my life’s most precious possessions. Yours should be the same.

Blending motherhood and artistry has been one of my greatest joys, and I am honored to use what I’ve learned to celebrate the priceless moments in your family’s life. My gifts are in capturing connections, seeing the truth and beauty in who your children are, and in creating images that will take you right back to these fleeting times every time you look at them. I enjoy building relationships with the families that work with me, and I will lovingly craft keepsakes you’ll cherish as your little ones grow up.

From individual portraits to milestone sessions to holiday captures, I provide services that preserve this moment in time. I take pride in printing beautiful images. From a framed print for grandma to a beloved family portrait over your mantle to an heirloom album of those early days, I offer products that you’ll be proud to have in your home. Your child is beautiful, and your artwork should be, too. It’s my honor to create it.

Time passes quickly as your children move from one age to the next. There are so many magical moments to preserve and keep. My portraits capture the essence of your child’s personality at every age: unique, special, and memorable.

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