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Tips for Finding Wedding Inspiration

When it comes to planning your wedding, it can be hard to know where to start. You may have a Pinterest board full of ideas you love, but they don’t form a cohesive style. Well, we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a list of ways you can find inspiration for your special day.

Look to your daily life
A great place to look for your ideal wedding style is in your own life. Consider how you decorate your home and the colors and textures that appeal most to you. What heirlooms or other items mean the most to you? You want to create a wedding that accurately captures the personalities of you and your fiancé. 

Consider the season
The time of year can be a huge inspiration for the style of your wedding. The season can help you choose colors, flowers, décor, food, and even your dress.

Take a hike
The natural world offers a variety of colors, textures, and shapes that can provide inspiration for your wedding day. Go for a walk outside and take photos of any particular scenes or colors that appeal to you. And the fresh air may help ease the stress of wedding planning.

Think about where you come from. 
The bride and groom’s heritage and culture often play a huge role in their wedding. Consider incorporating traditions other family members have included in their ceremonies in the past. If you and your fiancé have different backgrounds, you may want to blend some of these customs to create a day that’s uniquely you.

Start a conversation
There’s a good chance you and your fiancé have somewhat different visions for your wedding day. Sit down and discuss your individual priorities and how you each envision the day looking. After all, compromise is an essential part of any marriage.  

Pick a few of your favorite things
To help create a wedding that captures your and your fiancé’s personalities, add in details from your favorite books, movies, TV shows, or even foods. Think about interests or passions the two of you share, whether it’s a love for Game of Thrones, tacos, or alternative music.

Stay true to who you are
Between Pinterest, bridal magazines, and the endless pages of wedding inspiration online, it’s easy to lose sight of your original vision for your wedding day. Try to stay focused on finding the style that best fits your personalities and vision. Keep talking with your fiancé about what you want and how best to reflect your love in the details of your day.

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